About Us


The International Fund for China’s Environment(IFCE)is an international environmental organization based in Washington DC, with branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Changsha and Wuhan. Founded in 1996 by a group of scientists and professionals who concerned with China’s environmental problems , IFCE aims to ensure a healthy global environment and continuous economic development by helping China solve its environmental problems.

Since its inception, IFCE has developed a range of influential programs facilitating partnerships and building capacity in China’s environmental movement. Specifically, we work with NGO’s to improve their capacity, with companies to enhance China’s access to green technology, with policy makers to influence China’s environmental policy, and with environmental education programs to improve civic engagement in the environmental movement.

In 2002, IFCE was accredited as one of major global environmental organizations by the United Nations. IFCE has been able to play a significant role in protecting environmentbecause of its numerous experts in the natural and social sciences. Our staff and members not only have a profound understanding of Chinese culture, they also have many professional connections within China.



  1. Influence government actions on environmental restoration and resource conservation policies and programs.
  2. Promote the development and popularity of new environmental/green technologies in China.
  3. Support the development of Chinese environmental organizations.
  4. Facilitate bilateral and multilateral cooperation among NGOs, governments, and corporations in solving environmental problems.
  5. Develop programs for public environmental education and international exchanges; Contribute to increasing global awareness of the interrelations between environmental problems and human’s well-being.