2017 UN Green Economy Development Summit Forum and Washington Innovation and Cooperation Forum

Release time:2017-08-01

International Fund for China’s Environment

2017.9.27- 2017.10.5

       United States New York/Washington DC


The UN Summit on Sustainable Development in September of 2015 was a historical milestone. The main achievement of the summit was  the passing of the  2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which identified 17 sustainable development goals. The  agenda aimed to encourage all the countries in the world to turn to the path of sustainable development, and to solve  development  issues in three dimensions– society, economy, and environment, the last of which includes poverty eradication, clean water and sanitation, cheap and clean energy, industrial innovation and infrastructure, sustainable city and community, responsible consumption and production,  climate action, etc.

To achieve  sustainable development goals, the green economy is an important tool. The green economy is an economy that aims for sustainable development without degrading the environment, with the support of high-tech innovation. It is the inevitable result of the sustainable development of society, combining  market-oriented and ecological perspectives and fully expressing both natural resource and ecological values. The green economy includes ecological agriculture, ecological industry, ecotourism, environmental protection industry, new energy sources, the green service industry, etc.

As a developing country, the resources and environmental capacity in China are limited due to the large population base. In recent years, China has greatly developed its green economy as an effective way to push forward sustainable development and promote economy transformation. The Chinese government implemented  a guidance mechanism that cultivated and gathered green industries, strengthened green technology research, fostered talents in the green industry, and at the same time developed green finance to attract  angel investors, venture capital, etc. in order to develop the green economy. The government also stimulated green production and green consumption  with methods such as government procurement and subsidies for green products.

International  organizations  have also  made progress in fields such as new energy source development, green finance, and green industry innovation. To improve the communication and cooperation  in green economy development between China and various international  organizations, the International Fund for China’s Environment (IFCE) and the UN Council for Sustainable Development jointly organized the 2017 UN Green Economy Development Summit Forum, aiming to share the experiences and patterns of green economy development, to promote green technology, to strengthen the cooperation between China and international societies, and to promote the green economy and  global sustainable development.

Meanwhile, in order to  broaden participants’  horizons, to discover more opportunities for cooperation, and to build a new communication circle, the IFCE and the US-China Innovation Association (UCIA) will host the 2017 Washington Innovation and Cooperation Forum  on  Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. The forum will invite officials from the Chinese Embassy to introduce the current situation and future  predictions  for the US-China economic relationship, and the recent investment of Chinese enterprises in the US. The forum will also invite experts in relevant fields to report on the developmental trends of research and entrepreneurship,  as well as invite the relevant investment institutions to introduce  potential investment directions and fields. The participants  will be able to directly  connect with Chinese and US government officials, experts, investors, and entrepreneurs.

The IFCE will also invite  participants to attend the annual “2017 Green Music Festival,”  with “ Green Future”as the theme,  which will use music to call  attention to the importance of environmental  protection and to raise people’s awareness of environmental  issues. The concert  will also deliver  positive energy to the  community, and  help more people understand the relationship between  the environment and human beings,  as well as contribute to  the environmental and cultural exchange between China and the rest of the world.


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UN Council for Sustainable Development


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National Emerging Industry Committee

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 Prospective attended Guest Speakers

l  Chair/Vice Chair of the UN Council for Sustainable Development

l  Member of the UN Council for Sustainable Development

l  Representative of the UN Development Program

l  Representative of the UN Environment Program

l  Amanda Glassman (Executive Director of the Center for Global Development)

l  Martin Lundstedt (Volvo Group CEO, Co-chair of the High-Level Advisory Group on UN Sustainable Transport)

l  Frederick M.Shava (Chair of the UN Economic and Social Council)

l  Jieyi Liu (Ambassador of China to the UN)

l  Yong Li (Director of the UN Industrial Development Organization)

l  Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka (Executive Director of UN Women)

l  William Mansfield III (Senior Advisor  to UN Environment’s North America Office)

l  David Sanderlaw (Professor at Columbia University, Former Deputy Minister of the US Department of Energy)

l  Robert Dixon ( Senior Advisor  to the US Department of Energy)

l  Senior Executive of Goldman Sachs

l  Government Representative of New York City

l  Representatives of US Congress

l  Representatives of Washington, DC government

l  Representatives of National Academy of Engineering, USA

l  Representatives of US Department of Commerce

l  Representatives of US Department of Energy

l  Representatives of George Washington University

Invited Attendees:

l  Technicians of green development

l  Entrepreneurs of green economy

Ecological Agriculture

EcotourismEnvironmental Protection Industry

New Energy Sources

Green Service

Green Finance

Energy Conservation Industry

Green Supply Chain

Green Building/Real Estate

l  Representatives of investment institutions

l  Senior scientists of think tank and research Institutions

l  Managers of non-profit organizations

l  Representatives of international and multilateral investment  agencies

l  Leader of environmental and low carbon industrial park

l  Entrepreneurs of emerging industry

l  Other innovative entrepreneurs

2017 UN Green Economy Development Summit Forum and Washington Innovation and Cooperation ForumSchedule


Time  Activity  Location
First Day


Arrive  in New York City New York City
Second Day


Visit the Statue Of Liberty, Wall Street,Times Square,Fifth Avenue, etc. New York City
Third Day


Attend 2017 UN Green Economy Development Summit Forum New York City
Fourth Day


New York to Washington DC

Attend IFCE 2017 Green Music Festival

New York City /Washington DC
Fifth Day


Morning:Attend Washington  Chinese Cultural Festival

Afternoon: Visit U.S. Congress, White House, Natural History Museum, Lincoln Memorial

Washington DC
Sixth Day


Attend 2017 Washington Innovation Forum,  

Cocktail Reception and Dinner

Washington DC ( Capitol Hill)
Seventh Day


Free Activities(Enterprise Business Communication, sightseeing and shopping) Washington DC
Eighth Day


Back to China (Arrival Time 10.5) Washington DC- China

Organizing Committee (Not  including the Innovation Forum):

Executive Chairman: Chairman of the UN Council for Sustainable Development

Vice Chairman:Ping He (CEO of the IFCE)

Vice Chairman:Juliet Zhu (Member of the UN Council for Sustainable Development)

Executive Member: Wei Qin (Director of Operations of Window  to China from ChinaNet)

Secretary-General:Kaiyun Chu (Chief Editor of Window  to China from ChinaNet)

Deputy Secretary-General: Hebin Wang (Manger of Beijing Blue Dutch Culture Communication Company)

Members of Committee:Yunpeng Wan, Jinhua Zhu, Hongyu Lv, Ya Zhao

Media:Dingtao Wang

Investment projects:Qilin Sun (Vice Manger of Beijing Blue Dutch Culture Communication Company)


Forum Registration:Individual online registration or  cooperating institution registration

General:Registration Fee 68000 yuan (Including flight tickets, insurance, conferences, board and lodging, bus, tours)

VIP:Registration Fee 78000 yuan (Including flight tickets, insurance, conferences, board and lodging, bus, tours, guest photos of 2-3 important guests, and December 1st Winery Tour)

The committee sends out invitations, arranges visa. If the visa is  approved, the fee is non-refundable; if the visa is not  approved,,the fee will be refunded by the full amount.

Registration Dates:From 2017.6.20 to 8.15(due to the seat limitation,  registration will  close when full)

Contact: Ms. Zhu 152-1054-9131

For more information, please visit the IFCE website: www.ifce.org