CHINA-US Climate Roundtable held in Washington [Sept.17,2010]

Release time:2014-11-22

Given the important role of China and the US on the issue of climate change to play international Chinese Environmental Foundation (IFCE), the National Wildlife Federation and the United Nations Foundation recently held a joint Sino-US Climate Change Roundtable in Washington. From the US Congress, think tanks, more than 60 NGO and diplomatic departments attended the meeting.
Participants at the meeting reviewed the recent Sino-US countermeasures taken on climate change issues. They believe that since the Copenhagen Climate Conference, China has improved a series of regulations and taken significant action, determined to show the world on climate change. US government through tax incentives to promote clean energy, efficient climate and renewable energy projects.
Participants also discussed the issue of climate finance, noting that the main source of international climate finance, including private investment dominant. They also agree that China and the US should deepen mutual understanding, to take additional measures to address climate change.