Delong Environment and the United States EP Company Formally Signed the Cooperation Project

Release time:2018-04-06

On November 3rd, 2017, the signing ceremony of Sino-US joint venture Hebei Yikanglong filter membrane technology co., LTD was held in Diangu, Baoding. Hebei Delong Environmental Engineering co., LTD (referred to as “Delong Environment”) and EconoPure Water System LLC (referred to as “EP company”), combined together. With both industries and new technical advantages, this joint venture will create easy Kang Long membrane technologies. This cooperation will expand the application field of low fouling nanofiltration membrane technology, made at home and abroad. This joint venture is a key step for the nanofiltration membrane production market. Baoding national high-tech development zone management committee, JiweiBai, Daoding City, Suyu Mao the Deputy Director of the National Development and Reform Commission, Sun Jing the President of Baoding National High-Tech Development Zone Management Committee, Dr. Ping He President of International Fund For China’s Environment, overseas representatives of the CPPCC national committee, Daniel Bertram the President EP company, Dexi Huang the President of Delong Environment, and other leaders and guests were invited to attend and participate in the topics.

The low-pollution nanofiltration membrane technology is multifunctioning; it is not only used for the separation of different molecular weights of organic materials, it can also be used for desalination, softening, and other processes in water. This technology is very suitable for China’s current water pollution control, zero discharge, and more. At present, this technology is mainly controlled in the United States and other developed western countries. Right now, there is no mature professional manufacturers for this technology in China. Delong Environment and EP company cooperation project environment are using the United States’  existing system application and the research on the basis of the membrane technology at home and abroad. They are aiming at the status quo of domestic water pollution and water shortage, especially for the development of the integration in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. They hope to accomplish this under the condition facing of the current situation of water pollution in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, using international patent technology, the joint development of domestic produced a kind of low pollution, easy operation, low running cost of the new type of nanofiltration membrane separation system.

The nanofiltration membrane technology products developed by this project will have the following features: first is the membrane anti-pollution ability and long film life, this will reduce the maintenance and replacement cost of membrane components. The second is the low operating pressure, low energy consumption and low cleaning frequency of the newly developed low-pollution nanofiltration system, thus reducing the overall operation and maintenance cost of the membrane system. The technology can be applied in industrial, municipal and other fields, especially in domestic sewage treatment at present. DiBiao reformation, industrial wastewater zero emissions, straight drinking water construction has great market prospect. With the introduction of international advanced technology in Baoding low fouling nanofiltration membrane and the system integration of a complete set of production base in Delong’s environment, will certainly play a very important role for domestic water environment management, and make new contributions to China’s environmental management.