Survey and Suggestions on Haze Management by The International Fund For China’s Environment

Release time:2018-03-21

With an invitation from Xuzhou City government, the International Fund for China’s Environment (IFCE) organized experts to analysis the atmosphere and water environment management of Xuzhou city, from February 5th – 8th , 2018. After research and analysis, the experts summed up the main causes of the atmospheric pollution and the water environmental pollution, and they put forward a policy proposal and a technical solution to the Xuzhou government.

The team is made up of 16 excellent environmental experts from China and the United States. They first examined the representative heavy polluting enterprises to understand and evaluate the current operating conditions and environmental governance of the enterprise in Xuzhou. These companies include Bao Feng Te Gang, Zhon Lian Shui Ni, Shen Hua Guo Hua Xu Dian, Dong Xing Neng Yuan, Rong Chan Bo Li, Xie Xing Huan Bo Neng Yuan, Zong Shen Che Ye, Kui He Shui Chu Li Chan, and so on. The IFCE experts then spoke with governmental departments and enterprise representatives. After the discussions and analysis by experts, they submitted the report of “Environmental Governance Suggestion of Xuzhou” to the Xuzhou government, on February 8th.

The report shows that particulate matters (PM10, PM2.5) are the main cause of pollution in Xuzhou’s atmosphere. The over standard of PM10 is closely related to the dust of the construction site and roads. The PM2.5 mainly comes from the smoke treatment of coal burning, especially the pollution of colored plume after the wet method of desulphurization. According to preliminary estimates, industrial water emissions into the atmosphere each year equals to about 100 million tons in Xuzhou. Especially after wet desulphurization process, the smoke brings out a huge amount of fine particulate matter in the static and steady weather. The main cause of the serious haze in Xuzhou is from the smoke suspending in the air, absorbing and blocking the spread of other pollutants. Second, Xuzhou steel, coking, glass in non-electric industries is tightly concentrated. The enterprisesdischarge standard is relatively low, and pollution control facilities are relatively backward causing serious negative effects on the atmospheric environment.

The IFCE experts recommend setting up a local environmental standard strategy, to control the emission of colored smoke plume, and to create the requirement of flue gas emission. The Xuzhou authorities need to dehumidify the plants that have already completed ultra-low emissions. At the same time, enterprises and the government should upgrade the environmental management methods of the non-electric industry and craft and adopt the most advanced technologies that are developed domestically and throughout the world. This would achieve the highest environmental benefits at the lowest cost. In the front part, its recommended to take coal combustion to catalyze for cooling energy saving. The process of desulfurization and denitration in the middle part adapts sodium method or dry method. The rear part adapts spray dehumidification and high efficiency defog equipment, to make the main pollutants reach the standard or ultra-low emission, and reduce the humidity, and eliminate the colored smoke plume.

Experts believe that the main problem of Xuzhou water environment is that the new water price is too low, which is not conducive to the recycling of water. The government has not paid enough attention to the treatment of rural sewage. Although most of the polluted rivers have been controlled, the cross section of the river belongs to the Chief of River which makes it difficult to reach the standard. Experts recommend optimizing the structure of water prices, raising the price of new water, encouraging companies to recycle water and actively adopting water recycling measures. People need to carry out the treatment of rural domestic sewage groups, and choose energy saving, low running cost, high efficiency, new technologies, and promote measures mentioned above. The operation and management of sewage treatment in rural areas is still in the trial stage. Experts recommend that the Xuzhou’s environmental protection personnel communicates with Zhejiang, south of Jiangsu and similar counties, to design a mechanism suitable for the operation and management of rural domestic sewage in Xuzhou.

Xuzhou government attaches great importance to this investigation. The Mayor of Xuzhou City Tiegen Zhou met with the expert group. Liqun Zhao (Vice Mayor of Xuzhou city), Tieling Meng (Secretary General of Xuzhou city), and Guanghua Chen (the Director of Xuzhou Environmental Protection) also communicated with expert group, Deputy Researcher of Xuzhou City Fei Jing, Deputy Director of the Environmental Protection Bureau Bin Wang also joined this panel. Liqun Zhao, Deputy Mayor said in a report at the meeting, that he thanked the valuable opinion for Xuzhou environmental governance by Fund’s experts in the haze management analysis. He hoped that experts will put forward specific and feasible technical solutions for different industrial areas, and actively participate in the haze treatment in Xuzhou. The next step of expert team will be based on the characteristics of different industries, put forward the path and the technical scheme of reduction of haze, and actively docking with the Xuzhou city government and relevant departments, starting from the test place, then people continue to plan for the next step.

Members of the IFCE expert group: Ping He (IFCE President), Yanshu Zhao (Vice-president), Murray Mortson (President of American International Ai Ban company), Qingzhu Chen (Vice-President of School of Mechanical and Power Engineering), Weiqun Zhu (Professor of School of Chemistry Engineering), Zhonqiang Sun (Professor of Liaoning Industrial Flue Gas Management Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance/Northeastern University ), Yonjian Dong (President of Frontier Environmental), Liuguan Zhao (Xuzhou Regional General Manager), Xiuying Zhao (President of Yuan Jie Water), Lanfang Guo (President of Qing Zhon Bi Shui technology), Ruibing Zheng (The General Manager of Qing Zhon Bi Shui technology), Chen Liu (Senior Engineer of Spraying System Co.), Shusheng Li (Director of Qingdao Tian Jing Haze Governance Research Institution), Weiwei Gu (Vice-President of Institute of Resources and Environment Science, MAPUNI), Kun Cui (Majordomo of Institute of Resources and Environment Science, MAPUNI), Yanhui Chen (Partner of Run Jing Law office), Qihua Zhang( Director of IFCE Xuzhou office).

All the members of the expert group are photographed in front of the Xuzhou City Hall.

The experts submitted its recommendation report to the municipal government.

Deputy mayor Liqun Zhao, secretary general Tieling Meng and other in the report.

IFCE President Dr. Ping He, vice President Yanshu Zhao, expert Dr. Murray at the conference.

The experts were inspecting the factory

The experts were inspecting Rongchan glass factory.

The experts were inspecting Kui river.

The experts were communicating with staff.

The meeting of Shen Hua Guo Hua Xu Dian.