Pollutec China 2016: New Green Exhibition Attracts Industry Leaders

Release time:2016-02-15

International Fund for China’s Environment (IFCE) officially becomes the co-organizer and the exclusive U.S. agent of the Pollutec China 2016. On January 27, 2016, Mr. Rui Liu, the representative of IFCE Beijing Office, attended the Pollutec China 2016 press conference held in Beijing. Exhibitors recruitment in the U.S. has started. For details, please contact IFCE (contact information is at the bottom of this article)

Pollutec China: New Green Exhibition Attracts Industry Leaders

Pollutec China 2016 Press Conference Held in Beijing


 From Left to Right:

Ms. Nancy Liu, Senior Project Manager, Reed Exhibitions (China) Ltd.

Mr. Ma Guoqin, Deputy GM, China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition General Corp.

Ms. Josephine Lee, Executive Vice President, Reed Exhibitions Greater China

Mr. Liu Rui, Dean, Chief Representative, IFCE Beijing Rep Office,

Mapuni Institute of Resources and Environment Science (IRES)

Pollutec China is a trade event jointly organized by Reed Exhibitions Greater China, a leading international event organizer, and China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition General Corp. (CFTC), an influential Chinese trade exhibition company. The 2016 event will take place at China Import and Export Fair Center from 21 to 23 September. Focusing on green industrial solutions and pollution control technologies in South China, Pollutec China is a tremendous platform for the country’s environmental protection industry.  The show provides high quality resources and much sought-after sustainable development solutions to ambitious manufacturers.

Journalists at Pollutec China 2016 press conference

Energy Efficiency and Green Technology: Key Industry Pillars with Huge Potential in China

China has seen robust favorable policy support for environment protection in recent years. As the top ranked of seven strategic emerging industries in China, green technology is currently undergoing a decade of high-speed growth momentum. During the 13th Five-Year Plan, the environment protection industry is expected to demand a huge investment of up to RMB 10 trillion (USD 1.5 trillion) and is a key growth driver for the national economy. Reed and the CFTC have seized on an excellent opportunity to strategically cooperate. Finding strong synergies, by leveraging one another’s extensive industry connections and rich resources, both parties ensure a top quality experience and the best ROI for all participants to the event.

The three-day 2016 exhibition will feature conference sessions and one-on-one business matching activities that serve as a high-quality exchange platform for suppliers and top buyers, locally and internationally. Pollutec China 2016 will also feature cutting-edge technologies, products, and solutions for the benefit of policy makers and equipment manufacturers. Representatives of a diverse array of industries, including Pharmaceutical, food processing, Thermal power, heavy metal, electronics, Petrochemical, printing & packaging, paper making and Heavy metal, will all learn at the event how to enhance energy efficiency and maximize resource utilization .

International Cooperation Receives Boost Through Optimal Allocation of Resources

By inviting international players and industry leaders, Pollutec China works to introduce to China the optimal global resource allocation idea born at Pollutec France. As the preferred platform for brand enhancement and procurement in South China, Pollutec China offers opportunities for companies to conduct in-depth exchange with government agencies. It is also one of the best platforms for environmental engineering contractors and end users to self-promote. The close partnership with Pollutec France is demonstrated by the shared projects and resources, which in turn attract even more exhibitors and trade visitors, locally and internationally.

An Effective Platform for Matching With High Quality Buyers

Based in a region rich in opportunities and enjoying strong policy support, Pollutec China serves industry in China and Asia. It also offers companies tremendous business opportunities. Following a study of seven key potential green initiatives in the next two years, as well as mid- to large-scale procurement plans, the TAP (Targeted Attendee Program) was created to link high-quality buyers with exhibitors through an array of measures that include pre-event information sharing and onsite pairing with suitable matches.

Environment protection agencies in South China support Pollutec China 2016 by sending strong delegations to visit the show. Prior to the exhibition, to affirm their commitment to the show, the organizers called industrial environment protection leaders across South China, and conducted in-depth exchange with company executives invited as VIP guests to the event.

Tailored Complementary Activities Keep Industry Abreast of Market Trends

“Pollutec China is the first event by Reed Exhibitions since the start of its strategic cooperation with the China Foreign Trade Centre,” said Josephine Lee, Executive VP of Reed Exhibitions Greater China. “We’ll do our best to provide an effective marketing platform for exhibitors. Through this event, we aim to serve the needs of target buyers too, and keep up with market trends.”

During Pollutec China 2016, Reed and the CFTC will collaborate with trade associations to launch a range of innovative activities for the industry.  Among these will be the Green Forum and the Sino-French Green Leaders Dialog. The activities will provide good opportunities to exchange with industry leaders and expand their networks.

Tailored Marketing Solutions Enhance Exhibition’s Core Value 

Pollutec China facilitates face-to-face exchange between leading environmental protection equipment makers, system integrators, suppliers and government agencies, as well as end users from the high-pollutant industries of Pharmaceutical, food processing, Thermal power, heavy metal, electronics, Petrochemical, printing & packaging, paper making and Heavy metal, and other industries. Numerous procurement opportunities are generated through the meaningful exchanges that take place during the show.

Pollutec China 2016 will integrate elements of social media, branding and procurement. Both Reed and the CFTC will leverage their rich expertise and long-held experience to create loaded value for exhibitors looking to integrate marketing resources and promote their brands. The efforts will also elevate the show’s standing as a leading industry event, with tailored marketing solutions maximizing the benefits for exhibitors.

With a keen focus on industrial environment protection, governance, and optimal resource allocation, Pollutec China is committed to the industry and always ready for market opportunities. It provides high-quality services for exhibitors, brands, trade buyers, and industry leaders on an international platform. Join us at the China Import and Export Fair Center from 21 to 23 September for Pollutec China 2016.

For more information, please visit: www.pollutecchina.com.

U.S. exhibitors please contact :

International Fund for China’s Environment

Xing Li

Phone: (202)-822-2141 (office)  (571)-225-3523 (cell)

Fax: (202)-457-0908

Email: xingli@ifce.org