Soil Remediation and Membrane Water Treatment Technical Visit

Release time:2015-09-23

The IFCE Technology Exchange Program acts in partnership with private sector firms in U.S. and China to establish business cooperation of environmental technologies, including but not limit to Technology Transfer, Product Distribution, Joint R&D, Joint Manufacturing, Technical Consulting, and Project Investment. Since 2000, more than 60 U.S. firms and 80 Chinese firms have participated in the program and some of them have established successful partnerships.

This technical visit was planned and arranged by the team of IFCE Technology Exchange Program, mainly in the service for Hebei Delong Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. (referred to as “Delong Environment”). The main purpose of this visit is to seek US partners with advanced soil remediation technologies for Delong Environment, and consummate the US-China partnership in membrane water treatment technology that has been successful established before. 

Soil Remediation Meeting

On September 1, 2015, delegation members of the technical visit attended the Standards in Trade Workshop on China Brownfields Remediation held in Chicago. It was the first time that the workshop invited Chinese government and business representatives, and shared experiences of the U.S. technology companies, research experts, and standards development experts in the field of environmental remediation. On September 3, 2015, the delegation members participated in Brownfields 2015 held in Chicago, listened to local government leaders from the United States, urban planners and community administrators’ reports on brownfield remediation and urban renewal. Members also visited the technical exhibition, communicated with the American technology companies in the exhibition, got the chance to understand the advanced soil remediation technologies of the United States, and discussed business cooperation opportunities.

Standards in Trade Workshop on China Brownfields Remediation (Source: NIST)

Soil remediation technology cooperation

On September 2, 2015, representatives of Delong Environment and the representatives of APEX Company, LLC (referred to as “APEX”) had a meeting on soil remediation technology cooperation for the first time in APEX’s Chicago office. APEX is mainly engaged in the technical and engineering services of energy, water, soil and air. APEX became a partner of IFCE in 2013, and has successfully cooperated with Northern Engineering Company in Chinese heavy metal pollution treatment project through IFCE Technology Exchange Program. During the meeting, Delong environment and APEX representatives briefed each other on the company profile, the main business, and project cases. Especially, the two parties actively discussed about sediment remediation. APEX has a lot of experiences on the river and harbor sediments remediation. Delong Environment hope to cooperate with APEX, introduce the technology and management mode of APEX to apply in a lake sediment remediation project in China. After the talks, APEX invited Delong environment and IFCE representatives to visit an APEX’s land remediation project in Chicago.

Visiting APEX Company LLC. Chicago Office (Source: IFCE)

Membrane systems water treatment cooperation

On September 7, 2015, IFCE and Delong Environment representatives visited the equipment and engineering office of EconoPure ™ Water System, LLC (referred to as “EconoPure”) in Garden Grove, California. EconoPure mainly engaged in the development of membrane systems water treatment products. EconoPure became IFCE’s partner in 2015, and has successfully established a partnership with Delong Environment through IFCE Technology Exchange Program. EconoPure Delong Environment have signed a strategic cooperation agreement; the goal is to introduce EconoPure’s advanced membrane water treatment technology into China, and utilize Delong Environment’s resources to develop its products in Chinese market, therefore, achieve mutual benefits. During the visit, EconoPure representatives demonstrated LFNano ™ membrane system equipment products, introduced the device structure, operation principles, methods of operation, and operating parameters. EconoPure also highlighted the advantages of LFNano ™ membrane system including low pollution, low energy consumption, and easiness to clean. Representatives of both parties further discussed specific cooperation plans, including investment, product distribution, demonstration projects, and joint venture factories. Both parties expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the discussion.

Visiting EconoPure Water Systems, LLC’s equipment and engineering office (Source: IFCE)

This technical visit not only offered an international industry-leading technology communication platform for Chinese company, but also created a channel for China and US’s business cooperation. IFCE Technology Exchange Program aims at becoming a bridge between China and US’s environmental companies, providing more opportunities of technical cooperation for the both sides. If you are looking for opportunities to expand your technologies and products into China, welcome to contact with Ms. Chen Liu ( or Mr. Xing Li (