2017 Summary of Activities- 2017 The Green Future Leadership Training Camp

Release time:2018-04-02

In August 2017, IFCE hosted the “2017 The Green Future Leadership Training Camp” in Washington D.C, New York and other United States states. The students of this training are from Sun Yat-sen University, Beijing University, Nanjing University, and China International Engineering Consulting Corporation. During these training days students met Mr. Samuel Mok (the managing member of Condor International Advisors, LLC and the former Chief Financial Officer in the US Department of Labor), Diane MacEachern (the founder of the Big Green Purse), Michael Maccoby (a Harvard University professor emeritus and specialist in wise leadership), Mr. Kevin Hinman (a trainer with years of experience in Human Resource management), Dr. Ming Yang (the Senior Climate Change Specialist of the Global Environment Facility), and David Yardman (from Capital Bank). They discussed leadership, non-profit entrepreneurship, teamwork, capital operations and global environmental challenges. Students traveled to New York after the training camp in Washington D.C., and visited the United Nations headquarters. During the visit, participants were met by the Republic of Suriname Ambassador to the United Nations Henry Mac Donald and entered the United Nations Security Council. The students also visited Yale University in New Haven, visiting Professor Yajie Song of Yale University and Dr. Gordon Geballe, Associate Dean of the School of Forestry and Environment. The group also visited the Global Institute on Environment for Sustainable Development. The participants of the training camp also visited the Verizon School, the headquarters of the Earth Day Network, the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), the World Bank, Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the headquarters of the world’s largest conservation organization, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) US. These activities allowed the participants to return to China with a taste of world-class training from the most authoritative experts and knowledge of cutting edge green development. IFCE gave students a certificate of graduation, and students were given a positive evaluation of the training, hoping that IFCE should be expanded to benefit more students.

Mr. David Vardeman of Capital Bank and students.

The students of training camp in Washington WWF-US.