2017 Summary of Activities – Discussion and Training on Environmental Public Interest Litigation

Release time:2018-03-21

IFCE and the China Foundation for Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development  held two forums and training activities on environmental public interest litigation. The subject of the 22nd of July event was environmental public interest litigation practice, which was held at the Sheng Li Hotel in Beijing. Participants by legal experts, the court and the prosecutor, the Ministry of environmental protection, social organizations and environmental lawyers, the media a totaled to more than 60 people. They took part in the meeting as a review expert. Ke Zhou (The Professor of Renmin University of China), Baiping Tang (The Associate Professor of Beijing University of Technology), Xiao Zhu (The Professor of Renmin University of China), and Mingde Cao (The Professor of China University of Political Science and Law) also took part in the meeting as review experts. Representatives from social organizations who have experience in public interest litigation participated in the conference. Friends of nature, Henan Enterprise Social Responsibility Promotion Center, Hangzhou Ecological Culture Association, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation made speeches. The Director of the Ministry of Environmental Protection Policy and Regulations, Tao Bie, the Jiangsu Provincial Xuzhou people’s prosecutor, the Beijing people’s prosecutor and the first branch of the Beijing people’s  prosecutor  made speeches, they talked about their views and feelings about public interest litigation. The meeting is divided into two parts; the first is to discuss the social organization. The second is the difficulties, problems, challenges and opportunities facing the procurator agencies in public interest litigation.


On November 23rd, the topic of environmental public interest litigation  is the relations of main plaintiff bodies. Participants included law experts, court,  prosecutor, social organizations, environment lawyer, the media, a total of more than 50 people: Director of the Ministry of Environmental Protection Policies and Regulations, The Secretary General of the China Biodiversity Protection and Green Development Foundation, Jinfeng Zhou. President of the International Fund for China’s Environmental, Ping He. Department of Environmental Protection in Shandong Province, Guizhou Province Department of Environmental Protection, the Intermediate People’s Court in Wuxi city, Jiangsu Province, Guizhou Province Qingzhen, Nanjing city, Jiangsu Province Intermediate People’s Court are according to the specific case according to the theme put forward their own views and opinions. In the afternoon session, Yi Liu, Deputy Director of the People’s prosecutor of the Supreme People’s Prosecute, delivered a keynote speech. The three branches of the people’s prosecute of Beijing put forward suggestions based on their own work practices. Guangdong Environmental Protection Foundation introduced its own case in the Marine public interest litigation. Friends of nature, Tianjin Eco-Product Promotion Association, Chongqing Green Association, Green Cooperation Environment lawyers and several medias attended the forum. Professor Ke Zhou (Renmin University of China), Professor Deming Cao (China University of Political Science and Law), Professor Youhai Sun (Tianjin university), Professor Jing Wang (Beijing university), and Shuai Xin lecturer (Qingdao University of Science and Technology) joined as a commenting legal experts.

The two forums were directly aimed at the present situation of environmental public interest litigation and discussed, and the problems faced. This activity played a positive role for the further development of the environmental public interest litigation.

22nd of July, a seminar on the practical operation of environmental public interest litigation in Beijing.