Training workshops for campus climate change mitigation held in Beijing [Apr.12-13,2008]

Release time:2017-08-31

On April 12-13, the first round of training workshops for campus climate change mitigation in China were held in Beijing. This is part of the project’ Green Campus Development in China’, co-organized by IFCE and China Youth Climate Action Network and sponsored by UN Foundation.

Objectives of this project include 1) develop the capacity and conduct climate change knowledge education and advocacy activities in college campuses; 2) collect carbon emission data in 23 selected campuses and develop databases; develop carbon reduction recommendation reports for in the college campuses; 3) Organize a forum to share experience among member colleges/ env. organizations.

Env. group leaders from five universities in northeast China participated the workshops, including Northeast Forest Uni., Northeast Normal Uni., Beijing Uni. of Chemical Engineering. , Beijing Forest Uni., Beijing Youth Political College.

At the workshops, students learnt the methods and tech to collect energy use data in the campus buildings and discussed problems encountered and shared experience. The attendees also learnt some ongoing projects in climate change initiated by NGOs, such as new energy generation of Greenpeace, China Dialogue, etc.